Spend 20-45 minutes of socializing, connecting and fellowshipping. You can ask how their week has been, what they have been up too, they will also talk to one another. Food is a great ice breaker, if you are meeting in a house you can bring snacks, have tea/coffee, you can also ask your group members to bring snacks with them to share as they connect. Another great Idea you can implements is if you’re in a house have a themed night like “taco night” and the leader provide meat and tortillas, everyone else bring sides, toppings, etc) or if not dinner then do “cookie night” and everyone brings their favorite cookie to share or something. Get as creative as you like to create an environment of fun, freedom and family.


Call everyone together and begin with an icebreaker - for example, go around the room and ask everyone to share their name and one thing they are thankful for or one thing they are passionate about.

If you have any other ideas of icebreakers that come to mind you are more than welcome to include them.


Give an opportunity for people to share a praise report of what God has been doing in their life. Go around the room and ask if anyone has any testimonies they would like to share.

(In testimony time bring a culture of celebration and celebrate together what God is doing. When we celebrate testimonies increase.)

Time management tip:

You can use a game timer or hourglass timer so people could share testimonies and yet keep the night moving to be respectful of time, and then expand on the stories throughout the night or at the end when you dismiss.


Step into prayer and pray for the CHANGEGroup that God will speak and people will be transformed and God will bless your time together.


Dive into the CHANGEGroup Curriculum and be attentive to what The Lord is speaking. Curriculum is a great way to facilitate conversation and teaching but if The Lord speaks to you please step into what He is releasing, it's important that we flow with God because this is where life change happens.


Begin with going through our group discussion questions and allow people to share opinions, experiences and revelations. Lead the discussion according to the CHANGEGroup Curriculum and allow God to lead you in facilitating the conversation.


Conclude in prayer. You can ask your group if there is anyone who has a specific prayer request and you can empower other members of your group to step out and pray for that need.

Allow room for God to move in the prayer time, for example if you feel in your heart that you need to pray for family reconciliation, step out by faith and go after it or if you feel that you need to go after healing, step out in faith and pray for anyone who has a physical or emotional condition.


We also encourage you to do group activities with your group. You can go rock climbing, bowling or go out for food. Get creative and allow God to speak through activities and community hang out times!