We are so excited that you have said “YES” to the call of being a CHANGEGroup leader!

Below you will read the Heart and Culture behind our CHANGEGroups.

We are excited for all that God will do in you and through you. Be Blessed as you read:

The greatest model of discipleship we see in the Bible is the approach that Jesus took when He began his ministry of seeing heaven come to earth. Jesus choose 12 men to do life with as He went about His ministry. As he did life with his disciples He taught, equipped, demonstrated and loved them and this empowered them to change the course of history! This is why groups are so important!

Jesus gave us the most powerful example of discipleship and revealing heaven, and this is achieved through friendship, family, community and doing life together.

As CHANGEGroup Leaders We get the amazing privilege to step into Jesus’ model of discipleship and truly have impact on the people we do life with.

1) Camp around His presence

In our CHANGEGroup culture we believe that we can’t take someone where we haven’t been before. Our culture is rooted in camping around the presences of God corporately but also personally. As Leaders of CHANGEGroups it’s important that we are carriers of Gods presence so we can give all that heaven has to offer to the people we are sowing into. This looks like investing in quality time with The Lord so that we are in alignment with Him and what He is saying so that you can demonstrate a life in fellowship with Him.

2) Empowering Others

God has thousands upon thousands of thoughts about his children every moment and guess what!? They’re all good thoughts! Thats right God doesn’t have one negative thoughts towards His children. As Leaders of CHANGEGroups we want kingdom culture to be our culture.

To bring kingdom culture to our groups we have to see the gold in people and pull it out. When we pull out the gold, the gifts and talents out of people it empowers them to step into it and it can ignite purpose. May we be leaders that break the bondages and lies of the enemy and pull people into their purpose and Destiny!

3) Be Family

As we see in Jesus’ model of discipleship family is so important. Family is the greatest ice breaker of all. Through establishing a culture of family we disarm shame, guilt and condemnation and build equity with people, which allows us to speak into peoples lives with more depth, authority and power. As Leaders of CHANGEGroups it's important that our CHANGEGroup goes beyond just meeting every other week. Get involved in your groups life, get to know who they are and walk with them on this journey of faith. Our heart is that our CHANGEGroup leaders wouldn’t just lead and teach in our group meetings but as Leaders they would disciple their groups so they can become all that God has for them and we can truly say that it’s a family within a church. Practically this looks like texting or calling the members of your group during the week to check in, pray with them and speak life into them. This also might look like meeting up for coffee during the week or even having a conversation at our Change experience on a Sunday. Let’s do family well and show the world what the kingdom of God looks like!

4) Growing Together

As leaders we are always growing and learning so we can be better at leading people to become all that they can. We all face situations and circumstances that we will need wisdom to navigate and strategy to bring solution. In our CHANGEGroup culture we walk together in ensuring that we all are being affective leaders. Please ask questions and ask for help if needed! We will be meeting monthly as CHANGEGroup leaders to encouraging and empower each other to see life change! we will also have a time at our meetings to pray for each other and discuss things that we want to improve in and things we need help in. We will grow together and walk together as we lead people into a God encounter!