At CHANGE we know life happens in seasons. Sou our groups, dream team areas, and goals operate in seasons as well! Every year we have 3 seasons:

SZN 1 (January-April)



We know that life happens in seasons, whether it's sports, weather, school, etc. Every SZN at CHANGE, we have opportunities for you to find a new team to serve on, a new group to do life with, and new goals we are collectively working toghether to accomplish in our lives and city! You can expect every season to receive an invite to "Gold Night", a night where we celebrate all God has done in the current SZN and share vision for where we're goijng in the next SZN; a "CHANGE Group Showcase", where you can meet CHANGE group leaders and join a group. You'll also have the opportunity to join a new "Dream Team" depending on the SZN.